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Client API to enable event driven Business Process Flows for your organization

With Dynamics CRM 2013, came business process flows. Wonderful feature isn’t it. I am sure many of you must have already used the same and liked it.

However time & again while implementing business process flows, I come across requirements where the customer wants to controls the movement of stages based on complex business logic. And as consultants & developers, how many times have you wished that if you could have some client side API’s which would have helped you to control the movement of stages. Alas till 2013 SP1 release, Microsoft hasn’t come up with any. CRM 2015 would be having it but we have many customers who have just upgraded to 2013 and do not want to again upgrade to 2015.

Since I have implemented a workaround for couple of projects and the functionality is working great even with 2013 SP1 release, I decided why not put it in a jscript library and expose the methods that would help other. I  have tried to simulate the methods that Microsoft have come with 2015 release for business process flows. The library will provide the following functionalities.

  • Register you own custom event handlers when Next Stage and Previous stage is clicked in the business process flow.
  • Collection of all the stages in the business process flow with their following properties
    • Name of the stage
    • Is it currently the active stage
    • Is it currently the selected stage
    • The index (sequence number) of the stage
  • The stage which is currently active in the business process flow
  • The stage which is currently selected in the business process flow
  • Active stage id
  • Active process id

And whole lot of other functionalities! Please check the documentation tab for more details.

And yes, you can open the file and add your own methods that I might have missed.

Nothing is perfect in this world and the same goes for my tool. For any bugs you find in the tool, report it at the codeplex site or drop me an email at

Really liked it and it helped you? Support it by donating at my paypal account Or simply drop me a note at my email as to how it helped you in your implementation. Really feels good to hear if my tools have helped someone!

So till CRM 2015 release, happy using this tool!


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